Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cracked Magazine #213



  1. Quality is not good but it will do for now. I'll scan some others and eventually rescan this one.

  2. It's kind of appropriate that it's a Laikin-edited issue that is so raggedy and poorly-scanned. "Quality is not good" could refer to either the scan or the quality of the material in the issue itself. I'm glad Laikin's tenure in the 80's didn't last long. Cracked without Severin is like a sandwich without bread. By the way, there's a page out of sequence... the second page of the old monster movies article should not be there before the lettuce from readers.

  3. Hah, yeah I didn't like the lack of Severin but it's still interesting to look it at least from a historical/completist perspective. I will eventually rescan this one but not for a long time. I put this one up as a request and I wish it was better quality. Thanks for noticing that error, I don't know how I missed it. I should have some more coming down the line. I already ordered issue 123 and I'll scan that one as soon as I can.

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  5. This scan belongs to me. The issue was damaged at the beach when I was 10. I'm actually quite shocked to see one of mine here. Do you happen to have any of the other fifty or so that I scanned?

    1. Hi Katherine,
      I have many scans from various places. I do not know who scanned most of them. 99% of the Cracked issues I post on this blog have been scanned by myself. Where did you post your scans that people were able to get a hold of them? By the way, I didn't mean to criticize you scan job. Thanks for doing it.

  6. Here are a few of them: