Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cracked Magazine #202



  1. No, still not funny.

    I actually remember reading this one, back in '83 and thinking it was pretty bad... I actually thought I had picked a bad issue, but now I see that it was all pretty low quality, and they didn't even care. That's why it's difficult to see them on the net!

    Thanks for the scan and post!

  2. Yeah, there were a few low quality issues. I always preferred Cracked over Mad; there was a childishness that was appealing to a prepubescent boy. Also the artwork was pretty amazing. I like these old mags now because they are time capsules; little things that would have otherwise been forgotten are captured now for the ages. Sometimes I read the issues from the 50s and 60s and fail to understand the jokes. That just makes me want to learn even more about a specific era.
    Anyway I posted this one because I heard that Mad was "Mad" with Cracked for using the image of Alfred E. Neumann, so naturally this is a nod to freedom of the press, fair use and all that.

  3. I enjoy the relentless silliness of Cracked's TV show parodies. And Severin could make anything look good. He was better than anyone Mad had, in my opinion. I think the Don Martin and Dave Berg parodies in this issue are pretty spot-on, also.